After a Asset Recording and Monitoring Surveyor?

Our experienced staff have worked in the following surveys and projects and can offer you our service on:

  • Asset Recording and Monitoring Surveys – recording information to be used in the future when physical circumstances may change, for example position of underground services which become covered, building and earth movements

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What are asset recording and monitoring surveying?

Once the structure is made, it is important to ensure that they are complemented with the best facility and care and are safe for people to utilize them for their intended use. This is where asset recording and monitoring services play a key role. The process is intricate and can be understood in two different levels:

Asset Recording:

It is the process of identifying and marking the presence of various underground services at a property area. The underground service includes drainage, sewerage, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water and buildings. The job also includes monitoring whether the building qualifies to the approved specification or not.

Monitoring Survey:

It is important to monitor the asset over time. The monitoring survey performed to monitor the property for the long/ short term for movement in the surface, ground, unstable walls or building. The survey is beneficial to find out if the structure of a building is showing any movement including inking or rising and leaning or moving in and out. The service is used on construction sites, primarily to monitor the movement of the adjoining buildings and also make sure that the construction does not affect the stability of an existing structure during the process.

Why do you need an asset recording and monitoring surveying?

Asset recording and monitoring survey work as a great help for engineers, developers, contractors and other authorities associated with the construction phase of any property. There is a range of aspect of this service and at BT Surveys, we offer them all. Some of the reason you need asset recording and monitoring survey includes:

  • It helps you compare the engineering design against the construction
  • Understand the effect of construction on the adjoining properties.
  • A preventive measure to assess the stability of any building and avoiding any chance of damage in the near future
  • Identification of wall, grounds and buildings that are prone to surface movement
  • Eliminate the chance of derailing of construction due to silly misstep or mistake

At BT Surveys, we are a team of licensed and registered surveyor ensuring that the asset is recorded and monitored over the time to make sure that the project is moving in the right direction. The services not only ensure the accuracy of the structure but also saves you a lot of money that you would incur in case the construction goes wrong or the building/ property does not show stability in the future.

Why choose BT surveys for asset recording and monitoring surveying?

At BT Surveys, we are a team of the surveyors who are experienced in offering asset recording and monitoring surveying. Our services are appreciated by a number of developers, contractors and engineers in the region. We offer our services to a range of industry verticals including water and sewer, drainage, roads and telecommunications and our clients include Water Authorities, Local Government, Utilities, Engineers and Construction Contractors.

The services we offer include:

  • Water, Sewer, telecommunication and internet wiring lines surveys for residential subdivisions
  • Surveying for water bodies, recycled water pipeline and wastewater line underground
  • Performing asset capturing survey related to telecommunication
  • Analysing pipe ovality
  • Specialized Drainage studies for engineering design and GIS inventory.

We offer 24-hour turnaround time in all our service, and also offer a live comparison to the engineer and contractor. We utilize modern technologies and hence ensure that the results and reports are most appropriate and accurate. The reports are presented in the most user-savvy forms and can be transported to your work station without hassle.

Hire us today and capitalize our expertise in asset monitoring and recording surveys to ensure a sturdy and compliant construction of a remarkable property.